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Capital Power Shutdown

Safewatch Group - Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SafeWatch is excited to be a part of the Capital Power Shutdown at Genesee which started on May 6th, 2015. SafeWatch is providing 120 SafetyWatch (Man Watch, Confined Space Watch) personnel onsite covering both the Day and Night shifts for the duration of this Shutdown. The responsibilities of our Confined Space Watch personnel include but are not limited to:

 •  Signing in and signing out each of the people that go into a confined space such as a boiler
 •  Ensuring that all permits are in order
 •  Monitoring the air inside the confined space to ensure that the individuals working inside are safe

Essentially it is our responsibility to ensure that the workers are safe and that the work gets done in a safe manner. SafeWatch has been awarded the contract for the next 3 years for the shutdown of each of the generators and looks forward to assisting Capital Power in its endeavor to create a safe environment at the Genesee site.

Genesee Generating Station is a coal fired station owned by Capital Power Corporation, located near Genesee, Alberta, Canada; 60 minutes southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Built and operated by Capital Power and jointly owned with TransAlta, this is one of the most advanced, fuel-efficient, and environmentally-progressive coal-fired facilities in Canada.

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